The Team has the vision to become Europe’s first TV station run by refugees. Refugee on are no passive media objects but proactive designers of their and our reality. stands for intercultural team work. Media designers from six different countries come together to find the stories that have not been told before. is an equal eye dialogue. We will demonstrate how valuable the refugees’ contribution can be for Europe’s media production.

The team!

Office Vienna

Olivia Christopher

0X6A1166kl presenter

(mehr …)

Roula Mahmoud

roula_web – presenter

born in Syria

Sobhi Aksh

Guest-Reporter, Syria

Tanya Kayhan

Guest-Reporter, Afghanistan

Nori Dher

Guest-Moviemaker, Syria

Yassin Hawwa

Guest-Moviemaker, Palestine

Office Salzburg

Ayad Salim

0X6A0955kl reporter

(mehr …)

Newton Osaruoname Idemudia

0X6A0830kl cameramen

(mehr …)

Fathi Ghanim

0X6A1091kl cameraman

(mehr …)

Said Mohamed

0X6A1050kl reporter

(mehr …)

Hayat Moosa

hayad_web translator
born in Syria

Office Munich/abroad

Arman Niamat Ullah

0X6A0873kl reporter

(mehr …)


The Support-Team


Daniel Samer    David Groß   Martin Hasenöhrl   Sigrid Likar
camera                director           sound/editor                music

We are always searching for new team members, behind and in front of the camera!


idea/conceptDavid Groß
productionD. Groß, M. Hasenöhrl, D. Samer
logo-designRobert Funke
animationWolfgang Schwarzenbrunner
websiteStefan Nießner
musicSigrid Likar
assistant of the crewJohannes Raher


tv studio’s GOOD NEWS STUDIO
was part of the artfestival Wienwoche 2016 promoted by the Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

viennateamrefugee-tv created Austria’s first tv-studio in a refugee-shelter
in Vienna! The GOOD NEWS STUDIO was part of the artfestival WIENWOCHE.
Here is a look back!


ACADEMY @ Wienwoche October 2016

WIENWOCHE OPENING report September 2016

Furthermore there’s a video from Vienna-based TV program W24:


support band

support band

Composition & VocalsSigrid Likar
BassMartin Hasenöhrl
PercussionsAyad Salim
VocalsArman Niamat Ullah
TambourSardar Habasch
Sound MixWolfgang Spanberger